Psychological Testing

Blue Mountain Associates provides psychological testing services through Licensed Psychological Associate, Steve Eder. The purpose of psychological testing can be three fold. First, by measuring behaviors, cognitions, emotions, knowledge, dream analysis and/or perceptions, psychological testing can help identify and/or diagnose an individual’s difficulties in relating to situations and/ or people. Second, psychological testing, can help identify and open the door for designing educational and/or therapeutic interventions. Third, psychological testing can help measure an individual’s growth and/or changes over time.

The following is not an exhaustive testing list but, is designed to provide the reader with examples of the testing available.

Intellectual Testing measures a person’s reasoning, memory, expression, organizational and planning abilities.  The Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children is such an example.

Behavioral Testing measures a person’s behavioral expressions. The Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorders Student Rating Scale is an example and attempts to measure a child’s attention, impulsiveness and hyperactive behavior.

Perceptual Testing measures a person’s receptive ability to visualize or hear and process information. The Motor Free Visual Perception Test is an example and attempts to measure a child’s ability to visualize, differentiate, remember and close symbols.

Academic Testing measures a person’s acquired knowledge. The Wide Range Achievement test is such an example and it measures a person’s math, reading and writing ability. Frequently, academic tests are used in conjunction with intellectual tests to help identify people with learning disabilities.

Personality Testing measures a person’s behavior in relation to personality structures and features. The Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory is such a test.

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